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Project your Brand Promise “The Unique You” and learn how it can solve the customer’s problem
in a clear and concise way.

New Marketing Tool For
Digitally Empowered Customers

With the information overload and too many ads thrust upon them, customers consider these as spam messages. Today’s digitally empowered customers are well connected to real-time information and social network to verify the products and benefits before they act.

A company that has greater engagement with their customer seem to develop emotionally attached customers, Nutick BPromise does just that. It helps the eCommerce merchants to engage with the customer and earn their trust.

Health Score

BPromise Health score rating displays the customer perception of the Benefits they received from the product based on the survey feedback.

The rating helps the merchants to track the benefits and perception on regular basis to address the poorly performing benefits by reviewing its feedback and acting on it. Similarly, the benefits with high scores and positive feedback can be published on the website to increase credibility.

The positive trending Health Score can be projected in the website, customer emails and social channels to increase brand awareness and appeal.

Detect Risk

Risk score tracks specifically the perception of the benefits which the customers’ rated below average (what is low can be configured by the merchant).

When not addressed, the merchant might lose these – At-Risk customers and also may get negative reviews on social media. The risk customers score is an indication of the trend to follow with the rest of the customers if it is not acted upon quickly.

As Bill Gates puts it “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”  BPromise precisely highlights at-risk customers and their feedback, which helps to retain the customers and also fix the product issues to stall the negative trend.

Loyalty & Advocacy

Loyalty and Advocacy scores are derived from the Emotional Benefit Score and Rational Benefit Score. Tracking the Emotional and Rational Benefit score helps in increasing the LTV of customers.

Forbes article says “Don’t Spend 5 Times More Attracting New Customers, Nurture the Existing Ones”. A customer satisfied with the emotional benefits is a loyal customer and expected to repurchase, and a customer satisfied with rational benefit is an advocate of the brand and the products.

You can manage the benefits perceived, only when you measure. With an Emotional and Rational Benefit Score, you can manage Customer Loyalty and Advocacy.

Why Another
Customer Survey Tool?

NPS, CSAT, BPromise are good engagement feedback tools, but along with these tools, there need to be follow-up questions to learn specific issues to resolve if they have given poor ratings and also to learn what they liked if they had given a good rating.


  • Customer Satisfaction Score designed to determine how satisfied customers are

  • 3 or 5 point scale – Good, Average, Poor or Very Satisfied, Satisfied, Neutral, Dissatisfied, Very Satisfied

  • Used to measure the short-term satisfaction of your customers

  • Suggested for Service / Product / Interaction


  • The Net Promoter Score uses a single question to determine how loyal a customer is

  • Ten point scale, split in to 3 categories – 0-6 Detractors, 7-8 Passive, 9-10 Promoters

  • Asks how likely the customer is to recommend to friends and family

  • Recommended for business / Service / Product


  • BPromise Score helps determine customer perception of your Value Proposition

  • 5 point scale – Strongly Believe, Believe, Somewhat, Don’t think so, Not at all

  • Verifies how the customer perceives the brand promise of the company/product

  • Used for Company / Product


3 Easy Steps To Manage Your
Customer Success

As an Operation Head / eCommerce Consultant with limited resources and time, where you spend your marketing efforts and the ROI is very important. Nutick BPromise Shopify Pluggin is an untapped opportunity for brand awareness, reduce churn and increase loyalty.


Capture Brand Promise

Get Freemium Nutick BPromise plugin tool, capture the unique Value Proposition of your product and company (If you have not identified learn how to create Value Proposition here)  by selecting the category and sub-category.

Pick (both emotional and rational benefits) from the pre-populated list based on the category selection, you can also add a new benefit if it is not listed already. Save selection and view the summary of the Brand Promise benefit you offer. And you’re ready with the first step.


Custom Survey &

Create a survey email using the prepopulated template to get feedback on your Brand Promise. Customize your email content, delivery, and frequency based on the product life cycle. Include promotions for loyalty and advocacy.

Preview the survey content that the customer will receive, and make changes if required. Now you are done with the survey setup. The BPromise feedback email will be sent on a regular basis based on the frequency and customer enrollment.


Analyze Insights
& Act

Once the survey is launched, all the existing customers would receive the survey email, and the new customers automatically get enrolled in the Nutick BPromise system from Shopify.  Results of the survey can be seen in the Dashboard view.

Each of the benefits and how they score in the customer’s perception can be viewed. Health Score, Risk Accounts, and Loyalty n Advocacy score would help to identify the weakly perceived benefits along with the customer feedback to act on.

Have you Upgraded Your Marketing Tools To Reach The Digitally Empowered Customer?

Shopify makes the online store more accessible and cost-effective for small business owners and independent retailers, offering a self-service eComm platform.

And Nutick BPromise complements Shopify with a solution that projects merchants unique Brand Promise and leverages it to create customer loyalty and advocacy.

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