“According to Gallup, only about 50 percent of customers expect
a brand to actually deliver on what it says it will”

Nutick BPromise CS tool bridges the gap between intended Brand Promise and actual Perception
with actionable insights to increase Trust, Loyalty, and Advocacy.


Show your true colors

Value Proposition Creates Brand Awareness and Communicates how it can improve Customer’s lives.

  • Brands must have a clear, authentic set of differentiation factors to avoid being ignored by the consumers.
  • Do not make false unverifiable promises. Today’s digitally empowered consumers are better informed and well connected through social networks, they verify before they act.
  • Project your value proposition / Brand Promise throughout the customer path as they have to appeal to the new customers and as well as existing customers for repurchase

How to measure customer perception of the brand promise and learn the gaps to improve the product.

Product Health Score

Measure Brand Promise perceived by the customer, learn the gaps,
act on the issues, set goals, and repeat to improve
the Customer Health Score 

Customer Accounts at Risk

Learn about the unsatisfied customer, their pain points, and insights to retain them. It is five to 25 times more expensive in getting a new customer than to retain an existing customer.   

Loyalty & Advocacy Score

Track the Emotional Benefit Score and Rational Benefit score,
learn which benefits are performing poorly and affecting
customer loyalty and advocacy 

If You Cannot Measure It,
You Cannot Manage It.


Out of Sight. Out of Mind.
Out of Business.

Measure Brand Promise Perception, identify gaps and improve the product.

How can Nutick BPromise Help Increase Loyalty & Advocacy 
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